About Avoi

Avoi was founded in the southern part of Sweden in a city called Helsingborg in 2017. Behind the company is me, Liza, and I have always worked with interior design in different forms. My store is called Avoi which means “to you” in Italian and that is exactly what I strive for - finding and collecting nice things for you in order to make your house a home.

In the autumn of 2020, I moved from the southern part of Sweden to Spain together with my husband and our two fantastic kids. In the spring of 2021, I opened Avoi in the beautiful area of La Mairena, east of Marbella with selected Skandinavian trademarks. Avoi is also agent for selected swedish brands, such as Sthål ceramics.

For me, interior design has always been associated with a feeling of well-being, of balance, of curiosity or of happiness. With the help of decor and with the right feeling you can transform your house into a home. But it can also create feelings of frustration and irritation when the project that would go fast and smooth becomes anything but. I think we all have experienced that amazing feeling of enthusiasm and energy when starting up an interior design project (or any project), big and small. We browse through countless interior magazines and read about how well within budget most projects finish, ahead of schedule. What we forget is that it is not often the case in real everyday life - in yours or my kitchen, in the children's room or outside in the outdoor pool area. At that very moment, right at the beginning, there is no feeling of frustration, it comes later when you find out that the freezer is out of stock just when you started renovating your kitchen, or when the builder will be 4 weeks late due to another project (the list can go on and on). However, the great thing about interior decoration- and renovationprojects is the result and the feeling you get when you see the end result - all the wonderful feelings reappears.

For me, the most important and fun part starts when the renovation project has been  completed or you/ or your client have moved into the new house - the finish. By finish I mean all those important details that makes the big difference. The nice towels in the bathroom, the grey vintage pot with a nice green plant or the candle lantern in the hall. It is these small, but oh so important, details that makes a house a home.

So welcome to Avoi - a shop filled with beautiful Skandinavan decor just for you.