Avoi is proud to welcome you to the world of Sthål..

Sthål was founded in 2010 by Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg. Two Swedish creative souls with a background in illustration, styling, design and cookbook creation, united in a love for great food, good friends and finding beauty slightly beside the mainstream.

Sthåls first ceramic collection, Arabesque, was launched in 2012 and it combines beautiful design and practical convenience. All products are manufactured in white stoneware clay, which is fired in very high temperatures in order to make it hardwearing and waterproof. The beautiful glazes are carefully selected to make the food look appetizing.

The ceramics are dishwasher safe and ready for microwave and/ or oven use.

The variations in colour and depth of the pattern is something Sthål stive for. It is part of the design which enhances the unique expression of the Sthål ceramics.

With their hands firmly in the clay, they’ve since developed and refined “Arabesque” into a complete collection of modern stoneware with the ambition to create the lasting quality of future antiques.

The story continues...

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