A Home Away from Home

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A great part of a guest’s experience in a foreign destination is to be able to blend in with the locals as well as their everyday habits and forget about formalities.

The most important part of this stay will be the time spent with friends and family – away from the business of daily life. This is actually one of the main reasons why the whole “home away from home” concept has been so widely popular over the last decade or so. This might mean a change-of-scene trip close to home, carousing with a close-knit group in a secluded villa, or even that long-awaited long-haul adventure across highly sought-after destinations.

Whether you want a few weeks of lounging or a short break in a romantic city, off-season adventures or a last-minute “yeah-why-not” spontaneous trip, be able to reconnect with your surroundings in silence and peace or just enjoy full privacy and the joys of simple living, “a Home away from Home”, presents 33 distinctive high-end properties and experiences in the most desirable destinations.

From a secluded tropical retreat in Brazil or Bali to a whitewashed beach house in Greece, from a historic farmhouse in the rolling Tuscan countryside to a charming Provence farmhouse, from a Caribbean sprawling seaside estate to a snow-covered mountain chalet in the Swiss Alps, all private scenic properties presented in this new book are genuine homes with the ideal balance of authenticity and charm.

Whether it’s a beautifully designed seaside villa with magnificent sea views, offering all the perks of a hotel with the seclusion of your own pad, or a private lodge that does not compromise on style or space, all homes in this book combine ultimate comforts with a modern vibe, located in many of the world’s most sought-after regions and paired with informal but personal service to please even the most sophisticated traveler.

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